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Monday, March 14, 2016

My Secret Bean Garden

My inspiration photo
All of Fall and Winter, I have been digging through Pinterest, Facebook, Google searches, and books on how to grow vine habit beans. The simplicity of a cattle fence trellis gave me the gut feeling that I was waiting for. I remember seeing the picture, "Jackpot." This photo was saved as inspiration for what would be in my own garden. I wanted bigger and better!

The benefits of using a cattle fence trellis is that it provides more vertical grow space, easy set-up, cheap materials ($200 - my trellis is 20' in length and 7' tall), ease of access, and aesthetics that please the eye. My adventure started at one of my favorite stores, Tractor Supply, which almost came to a halt when the manager realized I was trying to haul 8ft x 50" cattle fencing on top of a Toyota Camry. I reassured him that I had a pad that would prevent them from scratching the roof of the car and that I would tie it down snug. After some convincing and small talk, he agreed to let me purchase half of the materials I needed. Once he saw that it didn't look as dangerous as he imagined, he let me buy the rest of the materials, "Phew!" Luckily is was only a 4 mile trip home and I didn't run into any blue lights. I'll be planting the beans tomorrow and can't wait to see this trellis covered in greenery.

It's that magical time of year when everything starts getting more colorful and bright as peach blossoms are blooming, plants are sprouting, chickens are pecking, and garden planning shifts into 5th gear. I kept two Smooth German Kale plants that are flowering which will provide a handful of seeds in a few months. The mini greenhouse jugs that I made with my son seem to be doing well, not perfect, but not bad.

My wife has told me that she is buying me blueberry plants for my birthday which I am ecstatic about and I'm hoping that the pruning on the peach trees I've done will help bring some fruit this year.
The chives from last  year on their second year of their biennial lifespan and they are stunningly stout. Can't wait to add some to my cooking. The parsley looks beautiful and will flower this year alongside the chives. Parsley's flowers can reach high up as far as 6' from what I have seen and heard. My lemon seedlings had a rough winter and I'm hoping they bounce back because three of the four lost all their leaves. Better get outside and get planting because I don't see any late frosts on the horizon.