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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Garden Envy

Yall, I don't know what to say, the garden is so beautiful and ripe. Mother nature has been watering like a rock star and the garden gives me eye-gasms. The garden is overdue for weeding, but the weeds don't grow as well when the plants create a canopy shading the ground below. I have installed two rain barrels and am pleasantly surprised as one of the 60 gallon barrels filled up after just two days of rain! I use the rain water to feed my potted plants and I have yet to run out of water. If you have ever thought about using rain barrels, just do it because you won't regret it. I made mine for roughly 35 dollars a piece including the spicket, fitting, and rain barrel from craigslist. Pests are at a minimum outside of a few slugs and I'm harvesting zucchini, squash, ground cherries, beets, Swiss chard, Kale, bell peppers, lettuce, and herbs every few days. Hope you enjoy the photos!
Almost ready to be eaten!
Every morning before work I step out to feed the chickens
and appreciate the gift of nature.
Rain Barrel - Cost $35 - free water!
Squash Blossom which the honeybees love every year.
Golden Zucchini
Sadly, I often want to leave them as they are and not eat them.
Look at how many of them there are! Yum!
Smooth German Kale Flowering
Personal Favorite - Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce
Ground Cheeries
Most of the plants have been staked for added support in the
case of high winds.
So far, there have been very few pests! A few slugs...
The corn towers at close to 11ft
Eggplant flower
Put tomato cages around the corn to
keep them upright 
Leaks are doing well
Lavender showing its beautiful flowers
I love how they track the sun. Simply stunning and amazing.
Happy Herb Garden
Loot - Buttercrunch Lettuce
Gargantuan Beets!


  1. Your garden looks amazing! You have got to be incredibly proud. I'm jealous to say the least, I had to cut back this year so I could focus on other projects inside the house. We're getting ready to sell our farm next spring. Just wanted to say kudos, this is absolutely beautiful. Sharing it on Facebook This morning.
    Carole @ Garden Up Green

    1. Thank you so much! I am so grateful to have a beautiful and fruitful garden. Priorities change depending on what life brings. I hope you can get your hands dirty again in the near future.