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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Prepping for Spring

With Spring around the corner, garden planning is a constant thought process that is playing in the back of mind. I might have a few more grays because of the stress. I thought gardening was suppose to be relaxing...

The to-do list of gardeners before spring comes:
1) Garden layout ideas
2) Go smaller or bigger
3) Watering system
4) Ordering seeds
5) New additions to your garden such as: hoop greenhouse system, netting, fencing.
6) Planting seeds or buying seedlings later
7) Timing is essential

Tips: Plant what your family loves to eat, try something new, and learn from the past.

I would show you a sketch of the garden plan I have in mind, but I think it might be hard to decode with my sloppy drawings, notes, and scribble-scrabbles.

Also, I am planning on building a new large walk-in chicken run to keep the chickens from eating all of my seedlings. They are excellent at killing pests, but they tend to eat plants when they see me working in the garden.

Take a look at some of the prep work from recent weeks.
Sprouting lemon seeds: Break off pointy tip and peel outside shell.
Place on paper tower, dampen, and place in plastic bag until they sprout.
Takes roughly 2-3 weeks.

Leaf compost is one of my new additions to this years garden along with chicken manure. Keep pooping, scooping, and raking!

Garlic sprouted in the refrigerator....why not plant it?
Seems happy.
Note: It is too late to plant garlic, but nothing to lose.
Cleaned out all the dead plants and moved most living plants including herbs
inside the screened-in patio to protect them from the moisture and freezing winds.
Garlic, Chives, Rosemary, Mint, Kale, Thyme, Oregano