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Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Bugs are a common problem in all gardens. They may pose a severe threat to vegetable gardens as they can make plants vulnerable to disease, rot, and viruses. Take a look at the bugs I have found while having my cell phone camera handy in the garden. These are just a few of the good, bad, and ugly that I have run into while working in the garden over the past 2 months
Adult green stinkbug: Known for chomping down on fruits, but also has a taste for other greenery. I found this one in a row of strawberries. Looks kinda cool for a stink bug. 
Mostly Bad
Red thorax beetle: I tried finding information on this beetle, but had little luck locating a description of this little booger. Beetles generally aren't favored in the garden unless they are big beetles that can eat smaller bugs. 


Candy-striped leaf-hopper: This is a common North American insect that carries plant diseases. This is a picture of one on my early peas and guess what? My peas all have gotten sick with a virus that kills them from the bottom up over a week or two after an initial discoloration of the leaves. Beauty kills in this case and I'll always squash them in the future.
The reason leaf-hoppers are bad bugs is that their feeding can cause damage by discoloring leaves, by interfering with the transport of liquids in the plant, by causing curled and stunted leaves, and by spreading disease. 
See week 11's post that references the discoloration in my pea plants.

Centipede: Often used as a horror inducing image in scary movies, but that have just as many reasons to like them as they have legs. A few reasons are they feed on slugs, grubs, worms, cockroaches, ants, and flies which make them champions of the garden. 
Ladybug: Beautiful, colorful, and wonderful for the garden. They eat aphids and do it with style. This particular ladybug was looking for an aphid with a side aphids for lunch.
Spiders: They are welcomed in the garden because they pretty much kill anything that lands in their web. Can't say that I am personally a fan because they bite, but I've noticed they typically run when they see my hands getting close to them. I have a habit of not wearing gloves and spiders a good reason to do the opposite.
Cross-striped cabbage worm: These pesky worms or caterpillars are eating up my broccoli leaves and kale leaves like they are going out of style. I continue to find them and kill them by hand every other day. 
Lesson learned: Don't judge a bug by its appearance. The leaf-hopper is one to be reckoned with and I remember distinctly feeling captivated by its beauty while photographing it on a pea plant.


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