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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Week 3

After getting through the third week of mother nature having mood swings, I have finally caught my breath. Pictured above is spinach beginning to stretch and show how different it is compared to its next door neighbor, the mesclun lettuce mix. 
 As you can see, strawberry overload is upon us. My wife suggested putting the strawberry plants in a gutter, to which I replied, "No way, I don't want to spend money on gutters just to put holes in them." Come to find out, I had a huge random gutter laying behind our shed. What were the odds? Every 8 to 12 inches, I punched holes inside the bottom of the gutter to allow for drainage.
Return of the frost strikes twice in one week!! If anyone reading this is from Georgia, you might remember that it got below freezing two nights in a row. I have to admit, I was caught with my pants around my ankles. The first night, I got home around 9pm at night from work and rushed to cover the garden beds with a laundry basket full of old towels and plastic sheets. For some reason, I had the bright idea that the potato plants would be fine because they had a thin layer of hay covering them....not so smart. The potato plants suffered (notice the blackened areas on the potato seedlings) from the first night of cold which was much colder than the night to come. Learning from my mistake, I covered up the potato plants with buckets and towels the following night. I'm hoping they make come back to life. If not, I have some more seed potatoes. Is it just me, or does the garden look like a circus for squirrels when everything is covered up? 
Peas are some of the fastest growing plants in the garden thus far. I have been amazed at how much taller they get each morning. For some reason, the picture below is so beautiful to me. To top things off, the peach blossoms are continuing to stun me day after day when I look out the window and bright pink flowers everywhere.

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