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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 2

We achieved germination!
I'm feeling overly excited about the growth in the garden showing in only 7 days.
I thought for a moment that my freshly tilled garden beds would be safe from squirrels until I woke to discover 4 big freshly dug holes in various beds where seeds were once planted. Those little rascals! This frustrating experience led me to put chicken wire over each bed except for the potatoes and onions which have a generous layer of hay on top. My fix seems to be effective so far at deterring squirrels from planting acorns in what must be irresistible soft ground to those little boogers. As an added benefit, I have noticed less big leaves landing in my beds that I would normally be picking out by hand.

"The rooster may crow, but it's the hen that delivers the goods."

-Margaret Thatcher

As you can see, our chicks and Silkie hen which I call "my prize chicken" (she hasn't won any prizes...yet) are enjoying their morning after their first night out in their coop. I'm feeling what empty nest syndome is like now that they are out of sight. I can't imagine when it is your own children. Let's pretend it isn't coming and move on to some new pictures.

There are pieces of slab to hold down the chicken wire which were also used as stepping stones between beds 1 and 2 in a previous post.

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